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New Payment Option: Bitcoin

You asked, we listened. It was a repeated request, so we’ve updated our shop and are happy to announce that we now officially accept Bitcoin as an alternative currency. With this post I would like to introduce you to the new payment option. In

Mirco Snitch 1.2 Released

We released an update to Micro Snitch today that adds six new localizations and fixes compatibility issues with OS X El Capitan’s new “Automatically hide and show the menu bar” setting. This new version also requires OS X El Capitan – it

Ready for OS X El Capitan

Apple will release OS X El Capitan shortly and we were busy over the summer to make sure our apps are ready for it. LaunchBar 6.5 added two beautiful themes that use the new San Francisco system font. Among many bug fixes and improvements, it also

Introducing Micro Snitch

We just released our brand-new OS X app called Micro Snitch. It’s an unobtrusive little app that sits in your menu bar and notifies you whenever any app uses your Mac’s microphone or camera. (Get it? It snitches on apps that use your

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