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Cardhop & LaunchBar

Flexibits, the producer of Fantastical, recently released a new app called Cardhop: It’s an app enabling you to manage your contacts by “using a simple sentence”. I’ve downloaded it some days ago and I’d call myself a fan of it already.

QuickTip: Reuse Search Terms

As you probably know, LaunchBar allows you to perform any web search quickly and easily. Let’s select DuckDuckGo in LaunchBar and search for a – nowadays – rare species. At Objective Development, our go-to search engine is DuckDuckGo, but

New Payment Option: Bitcoin

You asked, we listened. It was a repeated request, so we’ve updated our shop and are happy to announce that we now officially accept Bitcoin as an alternative currency. With this post I would like to introduce you to the new payment option. In

Ready for OS X El Capitan

Apple will release OS X El Capitan shortly and we were busy over the summer to make sure our apps are ready for it. LaunchBar 6.5 added two beautiful themes that use the new San Francisco system font. Among many bug fixes and improvements, it also

The Sixth Sense

As a longtime LaunchBar user, you probably know them all — LaunchBar’s five superpowers: Abbreviation Search, Browsing, Sub-search, Send To and Instant Send. With LaunchBar 6.1, we are proud to introduce a sixth superpower: Staging. Staging is

Why doesn‘t LaunchBar scroll “naturally”?

This question arises from time to time, so I’d like to explain the difference between natural scrolling in regular OS X windows and scrolling in LaunchBar. In contrast to other windows, when you scroll the item list in LaunchBar, this moves the

LaunchBar 6 Released

LaunchBar 6 is ready for prime time! This new version packs a lot of great new features, including a completely redesigned, themeable user interface, extensibility via custom, script–based actions, suggestions for Google and DuckDuckGo, live

Announcing LaunchBar 6 Beta

We are proud to announce that a new major version of LaunchBar is coming soon. At Objective Development, we’ve been hard at work on LaunchBar 6 for quite some time adding features, improving designs, refining usability and squashing the occasional

LaunchBar Action to list Safari tabs

OK, I admit it: I’m a messy person. I use things and leave them lying around. I open nearly every link in a new Safari window or tab – and leave them all lying around… After a short time I have dozens of Safari tabs and no way of visually

Take Control of LaunchBar

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to it or if you’ve been a power user for more than ten years: there’s always something to learn about LaunchBar. We’re proud to announce the release of Take Control of LaunchBar, an eBook written by Kirk

LaunchBar 5.5.1 – Enrich Your Snippets!

Plain Text Snippets Creating plain text snippets in LaunchBar is easy. Instant send some text to LaunchBar and invoke “Add Snippet”. That’s it. Rich Text Snippets Creating rich text snippets is just as easy. Take an existing snippet in

Introducing LaunchBar Snippets

LaunchBar 5.5 adds a new feature called “Snippets”. It’s a fast and easy way to work with often–used pieces of small text. Now, to many power users on the Mac, snippets aren’t exactly new. They aren’t even really new to LaunchBar.